About Me


Angela Love

Cooking Coach and owner of Love's Cooking and Baking

For me, cooking has always been an adventure of the senses! When I was 8, I remember making my first pie made with berries I had picked myself, rolling out the dough, seeing the finished creation, and feeling a big sense of accomplishment. I spent many happy hours in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother learning to cook. Struggling with a weight problem in high school made me want to learn how to use whole foods to create healthy and satisfying meals. I fearlessly explored foods of all kinds, and I began collecting recipes as I tasted others' creations. I savored the challenge of recreating delicious dishes, and trying new cooking techniques. With my rising culinary confidence, I found ways to simplify recipes without sacrificing flavor.

Then came a whole new world of having children. Feeding a family was the biggest challenge yet. Suddenly I needed to cook larger portions on a budget, satisfy a number of people with different tastes, meet their nutritional needs, and feed the hungry, fussy masses FAST. And I had to do all of this without compromising taste. But I turned this responsibility into a fantastic adventure.

Now it's my pleasure to be a cooking coach. I will inspire you on your culinary adventure. Together we'll explore meal plans, and evaluate and adapt recipes to fit your lifestyle and the equipment you have in your home.

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